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We are often asked various questions pertaining to estimates for a new home or remodeling an existing home, quality standards, starting and financing a building project. We have complied the following to help answer some of the questions you may have. If you don't find the answer to your particular question here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you in the planning and construction of your next building project.


Q. Do you require any money up front?

A. No. The homeowner never pays money in advance of work preformed. At Edwards Construction, we have long standing business relationships with local suppliers. This enables us to maintain an excellent credit history and standard billing practices. Our suppliers bill us; in turn our clients are billed only after work has begun.


Q. Will the Builder be on my jobsite daily?

A. Yes. David spends time on each home site, making sure all work is quality. He also will work along side the subcontractors if need be. This is one element that sets Edwards Construction Company apart. Having grown up in a construction family, David does not simply orchestrate the progress; he helps it along the whole way.


Q. What are some of your building standards?

A. We have very high standards in all phases of construction. The foundation is extremely important. We make sure the soil has been tested or evaluated before any work begins. Our framing materials exceed building code requirements. We use rafter ties (hurricane clips) on all rafters to help protect the structure in high winds. Good insulation is also vital. We use stabilized, blown cellulous insulation. The entire house is caulked and sealed to help eliminate air infiltration. Our windows are energy efficient, wood or vinyl. We use metal duct with mastic seal and fiberglass insulation wrap for all mechanical heating and cooling ductwork.


Q. Do you give free estimates?

A. Yes. Once we have a set of plans, David will compile your cost at no charge. This will take a few days to two weeks, depending on the square footage and detail work.


Q. Will I be able to view house plans at your office?

A. Yes. We have numerous house plan books. Many times clients have taken elements of several plans they like to a draftsman or architect for a complete set of drawings. We can direct you to an architectural firm, or will work with someone of your choosing.


Q. Is your work guaranteed?

A. Yes. We have a one -year written limited warranty. We have a history of treating our homeowners like family. We want you to be 110% pleased with every aspect of your new or remodeled home.


Q. Why should I hire a contractor?

A. Long standing contractors have the experience it takes to handle whatever may come up on a jobsite. Construction experience makes it easy to spot a potential problem, which may be overlooked by the homeowner. Contractors also have a direct line to subcontractors and suppliers. We work hand in hand together on many projects. A subcontractor knows the contractor will call on him again and therefore will be more accessible to him. David is an active member of the local, state and national Homebuilders Association. This very important organization not only keeps members updated on the latest technology, it also provides excellent accountability, ensuring its members are top-notch.


Q. Is there a square footage price for remodeling?

A. No. Each project will have different variables. These include such items as: load bearing walls, roofline considerations, electrical and plumbing positioning, not to mention customer preferences. In a large project, David will take a preliminary sketch and make measurements to give a ballpark figure. If the owner then wants to proceed, a draftsman will produce a set of drawings that will be used to figure a more exact cost. If the remodeling consists of a renovated kitchen or bath, our design team will put together a plan for the owner's approval


Q. Do you have a referral list?

A. YES! With nearly 100 years in the building industry, we have quite an extensive list of clients who will be happy to give you first hand knowledge of their experience with Edwards Construction. Feel free to give us a call and we will supply you with a list of those to contact.

Q.  Are you qualified to renovate old houses?

Yes, We are licensed and required to test properties built before 1978 for lead - based paint and asbestos. We are also qualified to remove all safely and efficiently.


Q. Have another question?

A. Please feel free to contact Edwards Construction Company at 479-646-2221. David will promptly return your call.

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