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Energy Efficient


Everyone wants to save money on utility bills.  At Edwards Construction, we focus on the best building techniques to keep your cost down.  Having completed courses in Energy Efficient Bu9ilding and Green Building through NAHB, we are staying up to date on the latest energy saving methods.  This means a more comfortable home with reduced energy bills.


HVAC Duct System

Many people think bigger is better when it comes to a home heating and cooling system, but an oversized unit leads to higher utility bills, higher installation costs, and shorter equipment life.  Accurate air conditioning unit size cannot be estimated, it must be calculated! We have the experience and knowledge in this field to help you make a wise HVAC duct placement.  Some homes do not have a properly designed HVAC duct system. A poor duct system design equals an uncomfortable home and high utility bills, costing you more money.  We can help with this problem!


Windows and Doors

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a door or window by looks alone.   Low E glass with low U factor are terms some homeowners have never heard of, but in the building industry, these and other terms are vital in getting the most for your money. We fan help make your home beautiful with the right type of doors and windows, while helping you save on your utility bills.


Air infiltration

Air infiltration can greatly increase your utility bill and greatly decrease your comfort.  We have a very efficient technique to help air infiltration.


House Framing & Insulation

Believe it or not, 1/16” of blown cellulose insulation can stop more air infiltration than 3” of fiberglass insulation We always use cellulose, which is roach proof, soundproof, and more fireproof than other home insulation products.  Cellulose eliminates the need for double insulation and replaces 2X4 with 2X6 construction for energy efficiency. Our framing technique can save you money in wood studs and give you free insulation without changing the stability of your home.


Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

If you intend to make this your last home, you may be interested in this super efficient method of heating and cooling.   A geo-thermal heating and cooling system is four times more efficient than a gas furnace and has twice the life expectancy of the average heating and cooling unit. It also gives you a percentage of your hot water FREE! We have plenty of experience with this type of system. It’s in our personal home!

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